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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple
Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple
Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple

Thank you for visiting the Oshawa Temple, Wiccan Church of Canada website.

It is with great regret that we announce the closing of the Oshawa Temple of the Wiccan Church of Canada. This is not a decision that was entered into lightly, but after lengthy discussions, a lack of support on the part of the priesthood body in Toronto, and some serious concerns regarding the leadership in the Toronto Temple, the members of the Steering Committee of the Oshawa Temple felt it was necessary to distance themselves from the WCC at this point in time. We sincerely feel the ideas and original mission of the WCC is a wonderful one, and we hope that one day new leadership will take it upon themselves to continue with that so that the WCC will become the beacon for Pagans all across Canada. A place to worship, to socialize, to learn, to educate.

To those who wish to become members of the WCC or to attend open rituals, classes and events, please contact one of the remaining Temples in Toronto or Hamilton.

To those in and about the Durham Region, please feel free to contact one of the following regarding other pagan groups/events in the area:

"Everything she touches changes, and everything changes that she touches"

Brightest Blessings to all
The Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple Steering Committee

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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple