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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple


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WCC Reading List

Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple
WCC Reading List

Introduction to Wicca

Witchcraft, the Old Religion, Vivianne Crowley
The Truth about Witchcraft, Scott Cunningham
History of Pagan Europe, Pennick and Jones
Spiral Dance, Starhawk
Ecstasies of the Witches Sabbath, C.D. (Carlos) Ginzburg
Path to Power, Heisler
Night Batles, C.D. (Carlos) Ginzburg

Ritual Construction
Celebrating Life, Tzipora Klein
Rites From the Crystal Well, Ed Fitch
First Steps in Ritual, Dolores Ashcroft-Norwicki

Principles of Magic
Spells and How They Work, Janet and Steward Farrar
Path to Power, Heisler

Wheel of the Year, Campanelli (Sabbats)
Festivals of the Athenins, Parker
Aquarian Book of festivals, Cooper

Sumerian Mythology
Mesopotamian Myths, Henrietta McCall
Ancient Mesopotamia, Oppenheimer (or anything by him)
The Sumerians, Kramer (or anything by him)

Egyptian Mythology

Ancient Egyptian Religion, Henri Frankfurt
The Egyptian gods & Goddesses, Barret
New Faulkner Translation of The Book of The Dead, Faulkner

Greek Mythology
Light in Extension, Godwin
The Iliad, Homer
Theogony, Hesiod
The Odyssey, Homer
Any Greek Plays by Aeschelus
Mary Renault's Novels
Any literature on the classical Greeks

Roman Mythology
The Aeneid, Virgil
The Nature of the Universe, Lucretius
Metamorphoses, Ovid (or any of his other books)
for politics and flavour of Roman lives, read Cicero

Celtic Mythology
Pagan Celtic Britian, Anne Ross
Mabinogion, Gantz
Celtic Heritage, Alwyn & Brimley Rees
Early Irish Myths and Sagas, Jeffery Gantz
TAIN, Joseph Kinsella
Myth, Legend, and Romance, Daithi O Hogoin
(See also Celtic Study Group reading list)

Norse Mythology
Poetic Eddas
Legends of the Norse, Holding
The Norse Gods, Crosley Holland (Penguin Books)

Comparative Mythology
Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
New World Encylopedia of Mythology
Witches God/Goddess, Janet and Stewart Farrar

Raido, Jennifer Smith
Leaves of Ygddrasil, Aswynn

Magical Alphabets, Pennick
Practice of Talismans, Robert Skelton
Amulets and Talismans, Migene Gonzales-Whippler
Book of Seals, Anna Riva
The planetary Talisman
Books by Agrippa

Dictionary of Deities

Oils and Incense
Magical and Ritual Book of Perfumes, Miller
Wylundt's Bok of Incense, Smith
Aromatherapy, Tisserand
The Aromatherapy Pharmacy, Whitworth
Golden Book of Mystical Oils, Anna Riva

The Splendour Solis, Trismosin
Night Battles, Ginzburg
Any other books by Ginzburg

The WItches Way, Janet and Stewart Farrar
Positive Magic, Marion Weinstein

Tool Making
Tree Medicine, Tree Magic, Hopman
The Complete Metalsmith, Creighton
Arts and Crafts Books

Sacrifice and 5 Paths
The Wicker Man (Book and Video)
The Hero Within
The Cuisine fo Sacrifice

Public Relations and the Law

The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca, Kerr Cuchulain
The Truth About Witchcraft Today, Scott Cunningham

Nature Law
Nature Magic - Doreen Valiente
Sharing Nature with Children, Cornell
Thinking Like a Mountain, Pat Fleming, Joanne Macy, Arne Naess and John Seed
Symbolic Mythical Animals, Cooper
Lady of the Beasts, Johnson Buffie
Confessions of an EcoWarrior, Dave Foreman
Books by Lovelock

The Moon and the Virgin, Nor Hall
Moon Madness, Katzeff
Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Debetria George
Llwellyn Moon Calendar

Full Catastrophe Living, Kabbat Zinn (sp)
How to Meditate, LeShan
Highways of the Mind, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
The way of the Goddess, Lie Warren-Clarke

Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith
Luscher Colour Test

Mask of Apollos, Mary Renault

Auras and Energy
Origins and Properties of the Human Aura, Bagnoll
Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith

Song and Chant
Circle of Song, Marks
Various tapes containing Pagan songs

8 Sabbats for Witches, Janet and Stewart Farrar
Wheel of the Year, Campanelli
Celebrating the Earth, Laurie Cabot
The Yule Tree

The Master Book of Herbs
The Herb Book
Herbal Remedies, Paul Beyerl

Candle Burning
Good Magic, Medici
Spells and How They Work, Janet Stewart Farrar

Ceremonial Magic
Sane Occultism, Dion Fortune
Complete Golden Dawn, Israel Regardie
Modern Magic, Donald Michael Kraig
Books by Agrippa

Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, Halevi
the Shining Path, Dolored Ashcroft-Nowicki
Kabbalah for the Layman, Berg

Fairy Tales etc.
Grimms Fairy Tales
the Coloured Fairy Books, Laing
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Men's and Women's Mysteries
Celebrating Male Mysteries, R.J. Stewart
He, She, We (separate books), Johnson
Mother Wit, Diane Mariechild
to Know, Jade
The Politics of Women's spirituality, Charlene Spretnak
The Flaming Rod

The Occult and Curios Properties of Precious Stones, Fernie
Precious Stones 1 and 2, May Bauer
The book of Sacred Stones, Barbara Walker

Crystal Gazing, Melville
How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror, Tyson

The Benham Book of Palmistry, Benham

Divination Other than Scrying
Games of the Gods, Nigel Pennick
Geomamcy, Skinner
1st, 2nd and 3rd Books of Occult Philosophy, Julius Agrippa
Ouiji, The Most Dangerous Game, Hunt
Pendulum Power, Lethbridge

The Book of Numbers - 2 volumes, D. Godwin

78° of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack
Royal Road, Hoeller
New Handbook for Apprentices, Connolly

The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vols. 1 & 2, March and McEvers

Other Traditions
Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler

Good General Books
Lucid Dreaming, Harrary
Healing Hands, Burns
Polarity therapy, Stone
The Practical Guide to Psychic Defense, Denning & Phillips

Old Fart Classics (a.k.a. the history of our religion)
The Meaning of Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner (and all of his other books)
Complete Art of Witchcraft, Sybil Leek
Lid Off the Cauldron, Patricia Crowther
What Witches Do, Janet & Stewart Farrar
Witchcraft from the Inside, Raymond Buckland
The Rebirth of Witchcraft, Doreen Valiente (and all of her other book)
The Complete Book of Witchcraft, Katherine Paulsen
When God Was a Woman, Merlin Stone
Books by: Margaret Murray
Books by: Lois Bourne
Books by: Vivianne Crowley

Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple