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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple


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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple
The Wiccan Church of Canada was established in 1979 by Craft elders Tamarra and Richard James, with the mandate to be of service to the Canadian Wiccan community. WCC events include open and public ritual celebrations, free classes and workshops on topics of interest, and other events providing networking and support to Pagans in Canada.

The Oshawa Temple of the Wiccan Church of Canada was established Mabon (September) 1999 when its founding members officiated its first open and public Wiccan Sabbat celebration in Lakeview Park, Oshawa. Just prior to Beltane (May) 2000, its Member Temple status within the WCC was conferred following the approval of the WCC Board of Directors.

Since then, membership within the Temple has grown eightfold, with the Temple also enjoying fruitful networking relationships with other Durham region Pagan groups and service efforts.

WCC Oshawa conducts events of interest to the Durham region Pagan community on a non-profit basis. All events are open to the public regardless of nationality, gender, creed, sexuality, or disability.


To become a member of the WCC Oshawa Temple, prospective interested Pagans begin by reviewing the WCC Articles of Faith when attending a Temple function. If in agreement, membership is acquired simply by stating same on a Declaration of Membership document. There is no fee to become a member of the Wiccan Church of Canada, and membership should not be interpreted as to necessarily interfere with other Pagan affiliations, public or private.

Member Diversity

Our membership represents the broad spectrum of Pagan diversity within the Durham region. While most events coordinated by the Temple reflect the Odyssean Tradition of Wicca, the Temple encourages networking opportunities with Paganfolk of all backgrounds. In addition to Odyssean Traditional Witches, our membership presently includes practitioners of the Blue Star and Alexandrian Traditions of Wicca, the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), Ar nDraoicht Fein Druid Fellowship, Asatruar, and numerous eclectic and solitary Pagans.

Pagan Family Values

Throughout the world, the contemporary Pagan community is growing. More and more Pagan gatherings, such as WicCan Fest or Kaleidoscope, are recognizing this fact by including children's events. Our membership includes families as well as individual adults, and children are welcome to attend most events sponsored by the Temple with parental permission.

Temple Events

The Temple sponsors ritual celebrations on a regular basis which are open to all interested Pagans, including Sabbat celebrations and other rites of interest. Most rites are facilitated by Priesthood members of the Odyssean Tradition of Wicca or by qualified facilitators of other Pagan paths in cordial standing with the Temple. In this way, the Temple seeks to provide a multiplicity of Pagan celebrations in a supportive and positive atmosphere. As per old Pagan custom, open Sabbat events also include potluck feasts; attendants are asked to please bring food and drink to share. Some specific rites, such as personal Dedications, Handfastings, Requiems and other relevant rites of passage are also provided to interested people in the regional Pagan community.

Free open classes and workshops reviewing a variety of relevant topics are also regularly provided for interested persons, and are presented by qualified speakers.

Social events are also enjoyed by Temple members and friends. Such events include regular movie nights, camping or museum trips, parties, etc.

Community Service

The Temple regularly sponsors charitable fundraisers and other community service events. Suggestions for possible groups or services in need of support are always welcome.

Regional Pagan Representation

In the interests of the Durham region Pagan community and in the spirit of Canadian pluralism, Oshawa Temple is an active participant with various multifaith organizations. To this end, the Temple seeks to not only represent its own constituent community, but to enjoy benevolent relationships with other faith groups and participate in broader spiritual discourse.

Temple Support

The Wiccan Church of Canada and its Oshawa Temple are non-profit organizations. Events are offered without charge and are conducted by volunteers, but modest donations may be requested to aid in defraying costs. The Temple hosts various fundraising activities for these needs.

Community service fundraising events, such as for a local charity, do not benefit the Temple; all proceeds from such events go to the charity sponsored.

Oshawa Temple Steering Committee

The Temple Steering Committee meets monthly to review policies, share ideas, and hear the suggestions and concerns of the membership and non-member Pagan supporters. Temple members may vote during proceedings and are encouraged to attend. Elections of Temple officers are held annually.

Temple Newsletter

WCC Oshawa News is a privately produced newsletter supporting the interests of the Oshawa Temple and the Durham Pagan community. Active members of the Temple may, if they desire, receive the newsletter free-of-charge, but it is otherwise available by subscription. Sliding scale subscription rates are $10 - $20 (Canadian currency) per year for 8 issues. Newsletter exchanges with other publications are welcome. Editors of WCC Oshawa News reserve the right to refuse a subscription. Interested persons may email the Temple to submit their mailing address for a subscription form.

Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple