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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple


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Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple

The WCC Oshawa Temple is established to serve the Ancient and Elder Gods and Their children of the Wiccan faith. In accordance with our membership and association with the Wiccan Church of Canada, our mandated goals are:

The goal of the Wiccan Church of Canada is threefold

  • To assist practicing Wiccans in achieving a spiritual balance that brings them into harmony with the Gods;

  • To bring to the non-Wiccan population an understanding that we are a positive, reputable, and life-affirming religious and lifestyle alternative;

  • To achieve for Wiccans the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by other more mainstream religions.

Further, the WCC Oshawa Temple endeavors

  • To facilitate support and networking services for others in the contemporary Pagan community of the Durham Region of Ontario.

  • To contribute to contemporary Pagan discourse through such networking, coordination of social events, and other activities which contribute toward community consciousness.

  • To facilitate Pagan community participation in the broader Durham community through charitable fundraising and service opportunities.

  • To safeguard the rights and privileges of the Durham Region Pagan Community within the boundaries of national, provincial, and municipal law, as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other legislation.

Wiccan Church of Canada, Oshawa Temple